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Olive Oil Production and Consumption Down in Spain

Jan. 30, 2013
Julie Butler

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Spain’s olive oil pro­duc­tion for October to December, the first three months of the sea­son, totaled just 383,000 tons, well under half of that for the same period last sea­son, accord­ing to the lat­est mar­ket update from its Olive Oil Agency (AAO).

Yield is slightly down on last year, cur­rently aver­ag­ing 17.23 per­cent from just over 2.2 mil­lion olives.

And sales have declined, too, with exports 19 per­cent and domes­tic con­sump­tion 17 per­cent lower than for the same period last sea­son.

The coun­try imported 7,700 tons of olive oil in December to reach a total of 20,400 tons for the first quar­ter of the sea­son and its total stocks at the end of December totaled nearly 800,000 tons, the AAO infor­ma­tion shows.

Table olives

Production for the 2012/13 table olive sea­son, which started on September 1, has reached 464,690 tons, down a tenth on last sea­son.

Sales are up 11 per­cent, with 101,540 tons already exported and 59,260 tons sold in the domes­tic mar­ket.

Olive oil con­sump­tion down in Spain

Meanwhile, accord­ing to the lat­est sur­vey by the Spanish gov­ern­ment, house­hold con­sump­tion of olive oil is down 16.1 per­cent on the same time a year ago.

The fig­ures, from last November, show that over­all house­hold food con­sump­tion was nev­er­the­less up 2 per­cent in the coun­try, where the job­less rate is now 26 per­cent and nearly six mil­lion peo­ple are out of work.

The POOLred ex-mill ref­er­ence price for olive oil as at January 30 was €2.86/kg, up from €2.76 a week before.

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