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Tunisia Exports 146,000 Tons of Olive Oil Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Apr. 29, 2020
Julie Al-Zoubi

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Tunisia has recorded record growth in rev­enues from olive oil exports despite the coro­n­avirus cri­sis accord­ing to fig­ures released by Tunisia’s Office National de l’Huille (ONH).

The North African coun­try exported 146,000 tons of olive oil in the first three months of 2020 which gen­er­ated rev­enue of around 896 mil­lion Tunisian Dinars ($310 mil­lion).

During the same period in 2019 the country’s exports stood at 80,000 tons worth 740 mil­lion TND in rev­enue ($255 mil­lion).

Chokri Bayoudh, pres­i­dent and CEO of ONH was keen to point out that although exports had slowed dur­ing the coro­n­avirus cri­sis, the coun­try had seen rel­a­tive suc­cess in con­tin­u­ing activ­ity and reach­ing for­eign mar­kets.

According to Bayoudh, Tunisia had con­tin­ued to export olive oil and meet its mar­ket com­mit­ments despite the coun­try’s trade sus­pen­sion and an almost com­plete halt placed on over­seas ship­ments due to Covid-19.


From the begin­ning of November 2019 until the end of March 2020, Tunisian olive oil exports reached 300,000 tons and exceeded the country’s goals of export­ing 250,000 tons of olive oil with expected rev­enue of around 2 bil­lion TND ($690 mil­lion).

Last sum­mer, Tunisia’s Ministry of Agriculture had pre­dicted a promis­ing upcom­ing olive oil sea­son with expec­ta­tions that pro­duc­tion would reach 350,000 tons.

The European Union remains Tunisia’s main mar­ket with most of the country’s olive oil going to Italy and Spain.

Bayoudh attrib­uted the country’s 20 per­cent price drop to inter­na­tional sup­ply and demand.

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