While beer and diapers are the top two most popular searched for products, olive oil placed third. among searches on a popular shopping app.

Olive oil is the third most searched for product by consumers using a leading shopping app operating in 34 countries around the world, according to a survey to determine which products attract the most consumers via the Tiendeo app platform and website.

The online consolidator and mobile app for online cataloges, coupons and offers from business and retails chains carried out the survey of household shopping habits during 2015.

During the snapshot, data was taken across several Tiendeo platforms detailing the products most searched for as well as products most commonly offered in a bid to establish what people are adding to their shopping lists.

The results demonstrate the popularity of olive oil as a staple shopping item for consumers around the globe.

Olive oil takes bronze

While beer and diapers are the top two most popular searched for products, olive oil placed third.

As the main protagonist, beer came out with 33 percent of users including it in their shopping lists, while diapers (nappies) had 19 percent of users and olive oil had 7 percent.

Tiendeo, headquartered in Spain, said filling the shopping trolley is one of the main drains on the average annual household budget and it is no surprise that the supermarkets category is the most viewed on all Tiendeo platforms.

“Alongside alcohol, other products which Tiendeo users around the globe search for most frequently include nappies and olive oil,” says a Tiendeo spokesperson. “This is because, alongside alcohol, these products are common to a great number of households and they are products which can also make the biggest dent in the pockets of consumers.

“Nappies and olive oil accompanies alcohol as products which are highly searched when planning purchases.”

The survey included data not just from olive oil-guzzling Spain, but also the UK, Latin America and the United States.

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