Kaneshi market in Accra, Ghana

Police in Ghana arrested several bottlers accused of selling vegetable and “other” oils labeled as olive oil, Ghanaian news sites reported.

In some cases, the scammers submitted samples to the Food and Drug Authority for approval, before switching out the oil with counterfeits to release into the market.

Four brands were outed: Kazmor, Pinno, Holy Olive Oil and one named, ominously “Quality Olive Oil.”


Ghanaian Food and Drug Authority

Ghana Police said the accused fraudsters are cooperating with authorities.

The Food Enforcement Department (FED) of Ghana’s Food and Drug Authority conducts inspections of food manufacturing, storage, retail and disposal in order to verify compliance with its codes of Good Manufacturing Practices.

The FED has three operational units which are the Food Post Market Surveillance (FPMSU), Food Premises Inspections (FPIU) and Industrial Support Services (ISSU) Units.

Ghana’s economy is among the strongest in Africa, following more than 25 years of relative stability and good governance. Ghana’s growing economic prosperity and democratic system of government has made it a regional power in West Africa.

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