Since 1999, people from Germany have taken part in the harvest of olives in Greece, in the frame of a unique type of collaboration between olive oil producers from Crete and the Thomas Morus Academy of Cologne, Germany.

This year, thirty people from the Westphalia region visited the Cretan olive orchards and together with the locals experienced all the stages of the harvest and olive oil production, with the youngest of the participants being 14 years old.

There are even waiting lists for those who see this as an opportunity to do something new and interesting. Participants also have the chance to taste the agricultural products of Crete and get a feel for the island’s hospitality.

The head of the initiative said that, according to a research conducted by a news channel in Germany, every one of the people involved can affect nearly 100 other people making prospects better for Greek olive oil abroad.

The outcome in terms of market figures will probably be of a small scale, but it still is a step forward and a perfect symbolic gesture for the strengthening of the strayed relationships of the two countries, a result of the special crisis circumstances

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