Each year when the results of the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition are revealed, the hunt for the winning brands begins.

Many of the awarded extra virgins can be found on the Best Olive Oils Marketplace from the producers, importers and retailers who stock them in the United States.

But for those who prefer not to order online, live outside the U.S. or simply want to buy olive oils from a local merchant, finding one of the world’s best olive oils can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The NYIOOC unveiled this week the beta testing version of its Best Olive Oils Retail app to help people everywhere find award-winning olive oil brands at retail locations in their areas.


Retailers can log in to the app to select the award-winning brands they currently carry and producers can identify where their oils are sold. Geolocation assists users in searching for nearby winners.

Curtis Cord said the app is another important step in the ultimate mission of the NYIOOC. “We’re always looking for new ways to get these excellent products into the kitchens where they deserve to be,” said the NYIOOC president. “The retail app is one more tool to help consumers find and buy great olive oils.”

Cord added that the app is in active development while producers and retailers start to add their brands. New features will be introduced such as user reviews, comments, and a mobile app with notifications of nearby award winners.

“An award-winning olive oil is a diamond in the rough,” said Cord. “People need help finding high-quality brands, and these exceptional producers need to be found.”

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