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Nov. 9, 2014

A Growing Appetite for Olive Oil in Korea

Imports of olive oil into South Korea climbed by 50 percent over last year, according to a report by the International Olive Council.

Oct. 8, 2014

Half the Spanish Olive Oil This Year, Twice the Greek as Prices Climb

Spain will see its output drop by half this season, while Greece will double its output, according to latest estimates by the International Olive Council.

Oct. 1, 2014

Olive Council Warns of 'Standstill' if Prices Get Too High

Jean-Louis Barjol answered questions at the University of Jaén concerning a potential slowdown in olive oil consumption.

Jul. 4, 2014

Fancy Food Show Rife with Opportunities for Olive Oil Stakeholders

Olive oil producers, exporters, retailers and promotion committees converged at the massive event that draws over 24,000 visitors.

Jul. 1, 2014

Olive Oil Needs A Pitchman

At the Fancy Food Show in New York, the International Olive Council wasted yet another opportunity to do something that mattered.

Jun. 29, 2014

Olive Council Wants Members to Crack Down on Flavored Olive Oils

Asking member countries to take a strict line on flavored olive oils is among the initiatives planned by the International Olive Council.

Jun. 20, 2014

Europe’s Olive Oil Advisory Group Debates Changes

The future of the IOC and progress in transatlantic trade talks were debated at a meeting of the European Commission’s olive oil advisory group.

Jun. 13, 2014

IOC Presents Mario Solinas Quality Awards

All of the winners of this year's awards hailed from Spain and Portugal, countries that have performed well in previous editions.

Jun. 11, 2014

Olive Council Reports on Flavored Oils, Fall in World Trade

Olive oil and olive pomace oil imports are down nearly 8 percent across seven major markets, the latest International Olive Council market newsletter shows.

May. 30, 2014

Council Seeks Input on Olive Oil Definitions and Test Methods

Under a new system designed to boost transparency, the IOC has begun circulating proposals on new or revised methods of analysis, parameters or limits.

May. 29, 2014

Hard Line Proposed on Flavored Olive Oil Labeling

The days of flavored olive oils being labeled ‘extra virgin olive oil’ could be numbered in International Olive Council member countries.

May. 8, 2014

More Grim Figures For Global Olive Oil Trade

Olive oil imports are down about nine percent on last year in seven major markets outside Europe according to the International Olive Council.

Apr. 14, 2014

New Data Shows Continuing Decline in World Olive Oil Imports

A worrying fall in world trade in olive oil and olive pomace oil continues, the latest market figures shows.

Mar. 29, 2014

Worldwide Study of Olive Oil Growers’ Production Costs

The true cost of producing olives for olive oil is under investigation by an IOC-appointed committee due to report by May.

Mar. 24, 2014

World Poised to Make Over 3M Tons of Olive Oil

The IOC has trimmed its estimate for world production this season to 3.05 million tons, while GEA Westfalia Separator forecasts a record 3.3 million tons.

Mar. 10, 2014

'Worrisome' Fall in World Olive Oil Trade

Olive oil imports are down in all the major world markets, a situation the International Olive Council (IOC) finds alarming.

Feb. 11, 2014

Olive Council Examines ‘Legality’ of Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The growing range of extra virgin olive oils flavored with plant extracts poses a dilemma for the olive oil sector. Are they extra virgin?

Feb. 10, 2014

World Olive Oil Imports Fall

Dismal trade data marks the start of the 2013/14 olive oil season with imports down in all the major markets, according to figures in the International Olive Council’s latest newsletter.