olive harvest

Olive Harvest Gets Social in Italy

Olives picking has started in Italy, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, and this year much of the buzz is on the Web.

An Olive Harvest Festival in New Zealand

In Martinborough, New Zealand's an olive-themed harvest festival gave guests a tree-to-table experience.
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Germans Head to Crete to Harvest Olives

In a unique partnership, people from Germany are visiting to Crete to experience the olive harvest first hand.

Warm Weather Taking Toll on Greek Olives

The extended summer drought has lead some olive oil producing areas of Greece to lower oil production than usual, diminishing revenue in critical times.
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Olive Harvest at Turkey’s Dionysos Hotel

A family helps with the olive harvest at Dionysos boutique hotel in southwest Turkey, and learns how olive oil is made.

Indian State of Punjab Gears up for Olive Cultivation

India’s leading agricultural state has received an official go-ahead to introduce olive cultivation across the state in a planned manner.
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Urban Extra Virgin: Olive Oil from Rome

In Rome, a group is promoting a different approach to urban life and citizenship, includiing olive picking from the abandoned trees within the city borders

Saragossa to Host Seminar on Mediterranean Olive Sector

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Saragossa and the International Olive Council (IOC) will organize a seminar on the present and future of the Mediterranean olive sector.