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Spanish Olive Oil Sales Slip Amid Higher Prices

By Erin Ridley
Oct. 28, 2015 10:01 UTC

Spain’s National Association of Industrial Packagers and Edible Oil Refiners (ANIERAC) announced yes­ter­day that the country’s olive oil sales reached 351.5 mil­lion liters (302,290 met­ric tons) between October 2014 and September 2015, down 5.55 per­cent from the year before, when 372.2 mil­lion liters (320,092 tons) were sold.

Anierac, which rep­re­sents 80 per­cent of Spain’s olive oil- and seed oil-pro­duc­ing com­pa­nies, also revealed that 111 mil­lion liters (95,460 tons) were sold of extra vir­gin olive oil, down 7.62 per­cent from last year’s 120 mil­lion liters (103,200 tons).

Sales of vir­gin olive oil slipped 3.26 per­cent to 50.4 mil­lion liters (43,344 tons).

Suave olive oil” saw a 6.39 per­cent decrease, sell­ing 132 mil­lion liters, and intense olive oil” sales were down just 1.34 per­cent to 58 mil­lion liters.

Olive pomace oil sales climbed to 16 mil­lion liters, which is roughly 2 mil­lion more than sold the year before.

Anierac’s Director Primitivo Fernández told Olive Oil Times the over­all decrease in sales was surely related to ris­ing olive oil prices caused by recent low-pro­duc­ing har­vests. As such, con­sumers have opted for cheaper alter­na­tives.

Fernández pointed out that despite the large increase in olive oil prices over the course of last year’s har­vest — a 51 per­cent surge between May 2014 and October 2015 — sales have only dropped 5.55 per­cent.

In light of yesterday’s news that Spain’s 2015 – 2016 har­vest should yield higher olive oil pro­duc­tion, the hope is that these ele­vated prices will go down and sales will again increase.


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