2014 Olive Harvest

Spain’s 2014 – 2015 Production Off by Half

The Spanish government announced total production of 841,700 tons for the 2014-2015 season, down 53 percent from the year before.

Spanish Olive Oil Sales Slip Amid Higher Prices

The 2014-2015 campaign saw only a modest decline in sales of Spanish olive oil during a year of challenges.
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Will the 2015 Olive Harvest Be a Good One?

It’s still early, but there is much speculation and anticipation about the upcoming olive harvest and its consequences for producers and consumers alike.

World Olive Oil Shortage Leads to Higher Prices

Increased yields in Greece and Tunisia were not enough to compensate for the shortages in Italy and Spain.
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2014 Production Woes Extend to France

While not at the scale of neighboring Italy and Spain, France shared the pain of the infamous 2014 harvest.

Tunisian Olive Oil Exports Reach Record High

Record yields and huge demand from Italy and Spain launched Tunisian exports to new heights.
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Crop Losses in France Result in Tight Stock, Higher Prices

France Agrimer said the disastrous results were mostly due to the ravages of the olive fly when mild temperatures allowed the pests to flourish.

France Pledges Aid for Olive Oil Sector

French olive producers affected by this year's poor harvest will benefit from new financial aid measures proposed by the French ministry of agriculture.