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Tunisia Is the World's Second Largest Olive Oil Producer, for Now

By Isabel Putinja
Jan. 27, 2015 09:46 UTC

Olive oil pro­duc­tion in Tunisia has increased four­fold, mak­ing it the sec­ond largest pro­ducer after Spain.

This is the first time Tunisia comes in sec­ond place in olive oil pro­duc­tion fig­ures, with this year’s yields esti­mated at 280,000 to 300,000 tons, a 400 per­cent increase from last year’s fig­ure of 70,000 tons.

Spain’s pro­duc­tion has been esti­mated at 600,000 tons, putting it in first place again despite its poor olive har­vest. While many European olive pro­duc­ers in Italy and Spain have expe­ri­enced an excep­tion­ally bad har­vest because of poor weather and olive fly infes­ta­tions, Tunisia has had a record olive sea­son.
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There has also been a bumper har­vest in cit­rus fruits and dates in Tunisia this year and the cereal crop has expe­ri­enced an 80 per­cent increase in yields.

Though Tunisia is a major olive oil pro­ducer, only a small per­cent­age of it is con­sumed at home where olive oil is being replaced by other veg­etable oils in the tra­di­tional Tunisian diet.

Between 60 and 70 per­cent of Tunisia’s olive oil is exported to the EU, namely Spain and Italy. Tunisian olive oil is also exported to over 60 mar­kets around the world includ­ing the US, Canada, France, Russia, China and a few Arab coun­tries under as many as 80 dif­fer­ent brand names.

Tunisia’s olive oil exports rep­re­sent 40 per­cent of its agri­cul­tural exports and 10 per­cent of total exports.


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