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Now Playing: Smartphones and Greek Olive Oil Production

Mar. 29, 2011
Elena Paravantes

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Have you ever won­dered where your olive oil comes from and who pro­duces it?

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Messinia seeks to answer these ques­tions with a new sleek video clip. Messinia, located in the south­west­ern part of Peloponnisos in Greece is home to the famous Kalamata olives and high qual­ity olive oil. The union was founded in 1987, when seven local coop­er­a­tives joined together, reach­ing 26000 per­sons as its mem­bers. Its aim is to pro­tect the inter­est of mem­bers and to ensure the supe­rior qual­ity of the crops pro­duced in Messinia. Among their goals is the mar­ket­ing not only of their prod­ucts but their meth­ods of pro­duc­tion. What bet­ter way to do that than with a catchy video clip?

The film was pro­duced for the union by food­stan­dard SA, a Greek com­pany that pro­vides ser­vices in food qual­ity and food mar­ket­ing through stud­ies for food chain part­ners, agro­food indus­tries and non-gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tions. According to Michael Manousos, assis­tant gen­eral man­ager of food­stan­dard, the com­pany has been work­ing with the UAC of Messinia for over 6 years. Foodstandard wanted to strengthen the com­mu­ni­ca­tion aspect of the union, mak­ing it more effec­tive and use­ful, while at the same time show­cas­ing the inno­v­a­tive actions their com­pany has intro­duced to the union.

The film has 2 pur­poses: to pro­mote the olive oil of the UAC of Messinia, but also the activ­i­ties of food­stan­dard, the com­pany behind these cut­ting-edge activ­i­ties. A visual pre­sen­ta­tion is more pow­er­ful, so we wanted to show in a few min­utes the activ­i­ties of the union as well as our inno­va­tions,” Manousos explains. One of those inno­va­tions is efarmer, a mobile appli­ca­tion designed to inter­act in real time with the pro­duc­ers in which all cul­tural oper­a­tions are recorded, such as plant oper­a­tions, fer­til­iza­tion and har­vest­ing.

The noted Greek direc­tor and cin­e­matog­ra­pher Takis Zervoulakos directed the film, a high qual­ity and costly pro­duc­tion, as all the shots in the film were orig­i­nal. During film­ing actors were not used, but instead the cen­tral char­ac­ters of the clip were the actual employ­ees and farm­ers of the UAC of Messinia and food­stan­dard. Manousos tells us that it has not been decided how the film will be used in the future, but most likely it will be in a vari­ety of set­tings. It will cer­tainly be played in expo­si­tions but it can also be used in local tele­vi­sion shows,” Manousos says. Until then you can view the film here at Olive Oil Times and learn more about the renowned olive oil of Messinia.


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