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Jul. 29, 2012

Olive Oil Importers Ask FDA for 'Enhanced Standard of Identity'

The NAOOA, whose members are companies that import olive oil into the U.S., petitioned the FDA to adopt standards established by the International Olive Council.

Mar. 18, 2012

American Olive Oil Producers Draft Federal Marketing Order

American olive oil producers are drafting a federal marketing order that would set higher quality standards, redefine grades and require new testing of all olive oil produced here.

Jan. 24, 2012

Stakeholders to Testify at California Olive Oil Hearing

Extra virgin olive oil fraud will be the topic of an informational hearing Thursday at the California State Capitol in Sacramento.


Jul. 26, 2010

Davis Olive Center Chemist, NAOOA's Bauer on NPR

Debate continues to swirl around the recent UC Davis Olive Center's report that found most imported extra virgin olive oils sampled did not meet international standards.

Jul. 16, 2010

Industry Group Responds to UC Davis Olive Oil Report (Press Release)

"Through our ongoing, rigorous testing of olive oils, I assure you that the imported olive oils sold by our members are labeled correctly" Bob Bauer, NAOOA

Jul. 14, 2010

In America, Olive Oil from Coast to Coast

You can thank the booming California industry for the buzz around olive oil in the States these days, but East Coasters aren't exactly virgins to the concept.