Apr. 16, 2024

Tuscan Producer Adapts to a Changing Olive Oil Landscape

Fattoria di Volmiano embraces new ways to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Apr. 9, 2024

Legacy Meets Innovation at Tuscany’s Azienda Pometti

The latest generation of farmers at the 600-year-old Azienda Pometti is using state-of-the-art methods to produce award-winning, sustainable olive oil.

Jan. 3, 2024

Tuscany Announces Funds to Prevent Olive Grove Abandonment

The measures are meant to encourage growers to take care of abandoned olive trees in difficult terrains and maintain them to prevent wildfire and pest development

Dec. 15, 2023

Meet the Start-Ups in Central Italy Reviving Abandoned Olive Groves

The startup Ager Oliva in Tuscany and the association Le Olivastre in Umbria are committed to restoring abandoned olive groves through adoption plans for citizens and companies.

Oct. 11, 2023

Small-Scale, Regenerative Farming Drives Quality for Maraviglia in Tuscany

Since 2019, the producer behind Agricola Maraviglia has found a symbiotic balance between nurturing the landscape and producing award-winning olive oil.

Oct. 3, 2023

Optimism in Italy as Olive Harvest Gets Underway

While producers in southern Italy expect bumper crops, the fortunes of farmers in central and northern Italy are less certain.

Feb. 2, 2023

Tuscan Landfill Gives Away Olive Trees to Compensate for Carbon Emissions

A public waste company in Tuscany will support the planting of 245,000 olive trees to compensate for its CO2 emissions.

Jan. 19, 2023

The Expertise Behind Tamia’s Sustainable Pursuit of Excellence

Pietro Re at Tamia produces top quality extra virgin olive oils and aims to bring new technology and practices to the sustainable brand.

Jan. 17, 2023

Olives Left Unharvested in Tuscany

In Arezzo, a millers association warns that a lack of workforce, higher costs and plummeting olive oil prices are causing the abandonment of orchards.

Jan. 3, 2023

Tuscany Olive Harvest Rebounds with Better-Than-Expected Results

Drought conditions kept away pests, autumn rainfall helped plants and now growers in the central Italian region celebrate a better-than-expected olive oil yield.

Aug. 26, 2022

Safeguarding Italy's Millenary Trees

Silent witnesses of history, Italy’s millenary olive trees have proven their resilience over time. Local organizations are working to protect them from climate change.

Aug. 4, 2022

Thousands of Olive Trees Destroyed by Wildfires in Tuscany

High temperatures, windy weather and dry soil served as a catalyst for the estimated 279 wildfires burning across the central Italian region.

Jun. 9, 2022

Tuscan Producers Triumph at NYIOOC, Overcoming Late Frosts and Summer Heat

Painstaking work in the grove, without forgetting the importance of sustainable farming, propelled Tuscan farmers to a leading role at the World Competition.


Apr. 21, 2011

In Lucca, Biodynamic and Organic Farming Make a Bit of Magic

Giuseppe Ferrua hand-picks his olives at just the right day of the lunar cycle to maximize the amount of liquid they contain. “Some people say we’re witches.”

Jul. 23, 2010

For Family Making Olive Oil for 425 Years, Practice Makes Perfect

In 1585, 21 year-old William Shakespeare became a proud father of twins. Later that year, the Gonnellis bought a mill from local monks and started making olive oil. They're still at it.