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Products Provide New Ways to Enjoy Olive Oil

Sep 17, 2014 11:23 AM EDT
Chris Lindahl

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The chal­ices that trans­port our liq­uid gold can often be as unique-in-shape as the fla­vors that lie within. But what about the shape of the oil itself?

We’re not talk­ing mol­e­c­u­lar struc­ture or organic chem­istry. Two prod­ucts released this month are bring­ing inno­va­tion in the way that we con­sume our olive oil.

Tenuta Sant Ilario of Pineto, Italy has cre­ated a sphere-shaped olive oil, Sferolio. The oil is con­tained in a col­or­less, taste­less nat­ural gelatin mem­brane. The com­pany explains that it allows the fla­vors of the oil to stand on their own to pro­vide a fin­ish­ing touch to any dish.

Sferolio oil can with­stand tem­per­a­tures up to 60°C (140°F). Tenuta plans to release a full prod­uct line of oil-filled stars, hearts and spaghetti’ shapes. It is avail­able in London spe­cialty shops.

In Chile, win­ery and olive oil oil pro­ducer TerraMater has released some­thing a bit more down-to earth. Untella Caste is a spread made from extra vir­gin olive oil with veg­etable oil and cocoa but­ter.


While many com­pa­nies in the US offer a spread that con­tains olive oil, most have a com­po­si­tion fea­tur­ing olive oil in a very small amount. Recipes are avail­able online fea­tur­ing noth­ing but olive oil, requir­ing the cook to sim­ply freeze and thaw to achieve a creamy, spread­able con­sis­tency.

Untella Caste is avail­able at Emporio TerraMater.

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