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Xylella Spreads to Olive Trees in France

Sep. 8, 2019
Lisa Anderson

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Xylella fas­tidiosa has spread to olive trees in France.

On Friday, September 6 France’s agri­cul­ture min­istry said it had iden­ti­fied the first two cases of olive trees infected with the pathogen, which has destroyed scores of groves across Italy and the Mediterranean region.

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In France, Xylella was first found on the island of Corsica in July 2015. At the time it affected myr­tle-leaf milk­wort plants — not olive trees.

The two infected olive trees, which were kept for orna­men­tal pur­poses, were detected in the towns of Antibes and Menton in the South of France.

The min­istry said the trees were infected by the same pauca sub­species of Xylella that has destroyed olive trees across Italy.


They said they would try to pre­vent the spread of the dis­ease by destroy­ing the two trees in the next few days and uproot­ing all other plants that are vul­ner­a­ble to Xylella within a five-kilo­me­ter radius of the two reported cases.

Xylella fas­tidiosa is a plant path­o­genic bac­te­ria that has led to the destruc­tion of olive trees in some regions, espe­cially Puglia, Italy. Widespread efforts are under­way at var­i­ous local and inter­na­tional lev­els to con­trol the pathogen.

Xylella is spread by xylem fluid-feed­ing insects.


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