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Germany Announces Introduction of Controversial Food Labeling System

Oct. 7, 2019
Lisa Anderson

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Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Julia Klöckner last week announced plans to intro­duce the con­tentious Nutri-Score food label­ing sys­tem to Germany.

This color-coded food label­ing sys­tem, which rates foods from A” for health­ier choices to E” for unhealth­ier choices, has been crit­i­cized because — among other rea­sons — it gives healthy oils, such as olive oil, a lower rat­ing due to their high-fat con­tent.

The German gov­ern­ment was ini­tially plan­ning to design their own unique food label­ing sys­tem, but they have now decided to opt for the sys­tem approved by the European Commission (EC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).



Klöckner, who had been opposed to Nutri-score and spo­ken out against it on numer­ous occa­sions, made the announce­ment in Berlin on October 3. Earlier this year, food giant Iglo was ordered by German author­i­ties to remove Nutri-score rat­ings from their prod­ucts.

The Nutri-Score sys­tem, which was designed to con­trol obe­sity, is used in France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

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