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Dec. 22, 2010

Star Chef Recalls the Humble Cretan Tastes of his Childhood

"When I prepare dishes that are based on wild greens and legumes, many of the locals may be offended by the simple ingredients that I use.” Yiannis Tsivourakis

Dec. 21, 2010

The Aqallal Family, Atlas Olive Oils

"You only produce 'gran cru' from high quality olives that are fresh, clean and healthy. You then become obsessed by quality, aromas, flavors. It penetrates your body, your everyday life."

Dec. 14, 2010

Carol Firenze: The Passionate Olive

Five years after finding its 101 uses, Carol Firenze says tasting and discussion will lead consumers to a greater understanding of olive oil.

Nov. 18, 2010

Not Your "Run of the Mill" Olive Oil Tour

Lara Camozzo tours the midieval birthplace of a famous conspiracy and gets an estate producer's take on modern-day collusion in the Italian olive oil industry.

Nov. 9, 2010

Olive Oil from the Top of the World

In the Himalayan foothills Hartmut Bauder found a climate he calls "the opposite of Europe" and the perfect place to produce the only olive oil made in Nepal.

Oct. 28, 2010

Joëlle Laffitte: Notes from the Farmers Market

One of the most important lessons I've learned in this country is that when buying certain ingredients, there is a time to hold onto your money, and there is a time to let it go.

Oct. 27, 2010

Olisur's Alfonso Swett: Chile will be a 'Major Olive Oil Player'

In only its fifth year Olisur produced 1.8 million liters of olive oil on its Chilean estate, mostly for North Americans. "We must produce for other countries, and they request sustainability."

Oct. 24, 2010

New Norcia Wins Best of Show at Perth Royal

The awards are "a pat on the back for the large numbers of volunteers who come to help with the harvest and pruning the trees each year." Carmel Ross, Benedictine Community of New Norcia.

Oct. 14, 2010

Ayvalik’s Fabled Olive Oil

It's a pity that Ayvalik’s olive oil can only be enjoyed locally, in places like Fasulye, where Muazzez Uludere Eris cooks up vegetarian dishes including her signature kidney beans.

Oct. 12, 2010

Fabrizia Cusani and Giampaolo Sodano

With a guidebook to Italy's olive mills, an educational television show about EVOO, and a film drama in which olive oil plays the leading man, this team gets the word out.

Oct. 6, 2010

Cobram Estate's Rob McGavin

Rob McGavin's success lies in keeping a long-term view, staying down to earth, working with good people and, not least, by yielding ten times the world average per acre.

Oct. 4, 2010

Pitching an Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Kids

Spanish producer Vega Carabaña says its smooth, slightly fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil is just right for children as young as 6 months. The cute packaging doesn't hurt either.

Sep. 29, 2010

Leonardo Colavita and the UC Davis Olive Oil Report

"We've worked hard to make a name for ourselves. What do they think? That we're out to ruin our name, our brand for a little trick worth a few bucks?" Leonardo Colavita

Sep. 28, 2010

Farming On the Edge of an Olive's Comfort Zone

You won't find much olive oil production in Italy north of the Cividale plains where Franco Diacoli says his Bianchera olives "never stop growing and developing intense flavors and aromas."

Sep. 25, 2010

Olive Tree Seeks Caring Family for Long-Distance Relationship

Olive tree "adoption" programs offer a closer connection with the source of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and a way to support small-scale olive oil production.

Sep. 24, 2010

Moulin de Villevieille, Pride of the Garrigues

Members of the award-winning Moulin de Villevieille range from civil servants to farmers, librarians to mechanical engineers. Passion, rather than cash, seems to be the driving force.

Sep. 19, 2010

Interview with Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman's

In 1982 Ari Weinzweig opened a small sandwich shop in his college town. Today, Zingerman's is a $36 million "community of businesses" that happens to sell a lot of olive oil.

Sep. 6, 2010

Berkeley Olive Grove: Old Ways in the New World

Ask Darro Grieco what makes his award-winning EVOO so good and he'll say it's the old Mission trees, dry farming and hand-harvesting. Are we still in California?