An Italian startup is working to make sweets a little healthier.

They have created a unique olive oil-based product, called Cremoli. “It’s a real raw material dedicated to industrial and artisan confectionery and bakery, both for sweet and savory snacks, biscuits, cakes and ice-cream, which can replace commonly used fats like butter, margarine and other unhealthy vegetable and animal fats,” Filippo Pompili Ferrari explained.

Named after King Midas from Greek Mythology which turned everything he touched into solid gold, Mida+ is an Italian startup with the goal to develop new and healthy fats.


Pompili, a young EVOO producer, founded the company with Eraldo Rossi, a consultant with 35 years of experience in Italian leading companies in the food sector; Matteo Rossi, an architect and creative who chose the name and manages commercial activities; and Francesco Ascenzi, a financial advisor.

“The Cremolì project started when we thought about the possibility to have a fat with the same texture of butter but with a healthier composition,” Pompili revealed. “Moreover, it would have been great to use Italian extra virgin olive oil for this purpose.”

Two years and a half of research led to excellent results. Based on the principles of health, quality of raw materials, innovation and sustainability they developed through a mechanical process, without the use of chemicals, an innovative product with more than 80 percent extra virgin olive oil in its fat composition, solid at room temperature and with a melting point of 26-27°C (78.8-80.6°F).

“The product is unique and there is still no market class for this special olive oil-based fat,” Pompili said. The product’s label has only four ingredients: extra virgin or virgin olive oil from EU and Italy upon request, and other components of natural origin.

Cremolì is available in two variants: virgin olive oil-based, recommended for the confectionery industry due its light flavor, and extra virgin olive oil-based for more savory products, where the stronger taste can add value. There is a line recommended for cakes, biscuits, pastry, bread sticks, crackers, pizza and ice-cream, and another one perfect for puff pastry.

“The gratification and revolution came from bringing extra virgin olive oil into the industrial world,” Pompili declared, based on his experience of high-quality EVOO producer. “Our creation gives products the same characteristics of crispness, texture and taste provided by palm oil, margarine and butter,” he explained.

“It is composed only of high-quality vegetable fats, it is free of cholesterol, preservatives, gluten, animal, hydrogenated oils and trans fats. It does not contain allergens and it is suitable for vegans, retaining all the nutritional and beneficial characteristics of olive oil, thanks to an innovative low-temperature transformation process. It is not true that what is healthy cannot be good.”

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