By Daniel Williams
Olive Oil Times Contributor | Reporting from Barcelona

Spanish business group Bogaris looks to acquire and operate a second olive plantation in Chile and at the moment is also engaged in a search to purchase a similar plantation in the United States. The group has outlined this plan publicly and has predicted the two projects will reach their completion before 2012.

According to the company website, Bogaris “promotes, develops and manages projects in the real estate development industry (retail, industrial and residential) and also in renewable energies, waste recycling and agroindustry.”  The diversified group, which began in 1988 as the Spanish distributor for Dupont de
Nemours, recently announced annual net profits of over 26 million euros on
sales of 82 million euros.

Chairman Rodrigo Charlo Molina

According to the commercial director of the firm, Manuel Moyano, the company does not have more plans to expand beyond these major acquisitions in the short term.

“We would like for the next Bogaris settlements to be located in a new foreign country situated in close proximity to the United States at the hand of the American agro-industrial sector,” explained Mr. Moyano. “We are already beginning to prospect plantations in various regions of California, where there are already existing olive trees,” he added.1

According to his guarantee, establishing such a platform in the United States would give the Bogaris group a number of enormous competitive advantages with respect to the production and commercialization of olive oil there, as research continues to show an enormous commercial potential for the sale of olive oil in North America.

With respect to the Chilean endeavor, Mr. Moyano affirms that the plan is also, “another magnificent plan to export to the United States as Chile boasts tariff free trade agreements as well as open channels for exports”.2

The Bogaris group predicts that the Chilean project will reach its conclusion in 2011 and will center upon the production and development of olive oil in bulk. At present, Bogaris already has 981 hectares (over 2,400 acres) of olive trees in the south of Chile, 941 of which are planted in the Colchagua valley.

In addition to these upcoming projects, Bogaris has explained that the company is looking into distributing olive oils in a number of other diverse ways, like private branding. Additionally, Bogaris is looking to market the olive oil obtained from its new plantations to the American restaurant and food service sector.



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