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May. 17, 2023

Californians Navigate a Challenging Harvest Committed to Quality

Producers across California overcame frost, drought and rising prices to yield some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils.

May. 15, 2023

Greek Producers Celebrate a Strong Showing in New York

With 90 awards earned at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, producers from Greece reaffirmed their devotion to quality.

May. 11, 2023

Producers in Small Croatian Village Celebrate Success While Calling for More Support

Farmers in coastal Dalmatia cited their success at the World Olive Oil Competition in their call for more investment in the sector.

May. 2, 2023

Latest Awards Confirm the Rising Quality of Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Producers from Croatia remained among the most awarded at the 2023 World Olive Oil Competition, despite their much smaller production than some other participating countries.

May. 1, 2023

Tuscan Producers Manage Difficult Harvest to Achieve Outstanding Results

Producers from the famed central Italian region said sustainability is the key to success when producing extra virgin olive oil, even during a drought.

Apr. 27, 2023

Quality of Central Italian Producers Shines Through After Difficult Harvest

The climate did not make it easy for olive growers in Lazio, Umbria or Abruzzo. Still, producers crafted award-winning extra virgin olive oils emphasizing local varieties.

Apr. 27, 2023

A Record-Breaking Year for Producers in Turkey

After becoming the world’s second-largest producing country, Turkish producers upped their quality too.

Apr. 24, 2023

U.S. Producers Weathered a Difficult Season and Emerged with Good Results

Although the yield is expected to be 50 percent lower than last year, there are reasons for a positive outlook.

Apr. 21, 2023

Undeterred by Drought, Producers Across Spain Achieve Award-Winning Quality

Olive oil production in Spain dropped sharply in the 2022/23 crop year. Still, producers managed to obtain outstanding results.

Apr. 17, 2023

Prominent Producer Applauds Croatia's Success at World Competition

Award-winning producer Ivica Vlatković attributed Croatia's success so far at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition to individual quality and sector-wide cooperation.

Apr. 12, 2023

How to Make Award-Winning Olive Oil in a Tractor-Trailer

Samir Bayraktar, the founder of Olive Truck, has earned ten NYIOOC awards for extra virgin olive oils produced in his mobile mill.

Apr. 11, 2023

Portugal Enjoys Record-High ‘Off-Year’ Harvest

The country is expected to produce slightly more than 126,000 tons, the fourth-highest yield on record. Initial estimates forecasted production of fewer than 100,000 tons.

Apr. 6, 2023

Elementary Schoolers Helped Produce One of Croatia's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

OPG Uroda earned a Gold Award at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition with help from local students.

Mar. 28, 2023

PDO and PGI Producers Celebrated at Ercole Olivario

Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily were the most awarded regions, with three prizes each, followed by Campania, Puglia and Tuscany, with one prize each.

Mar. 20, 2023

Lab Test Would Define the Sensory Profile of Olive Oil by Analyzing Its Molecules

The goal is to add a laboratory analysis to the routine tests done by extra virgin olive oil tasting panels to confirm quality and determine organoleptic characteristics.

Feb. 16, 2023

Award-Winning Producer Sees a Bright Future for South African Olive Oils

After swapping grape vines for olive groves 20 years ago, the producers behind Mardouw Olive Estate are bullish about the future of olive oil in South Africa.

Feb. 10, 2023

Project to Improve Sustainability of Algeria’s Olive Farms Bears Fruit

By improving harvesting and milling best practices, PASA seeks to improve the economic potential of olive oil production.

Jan. 3, 2023

Moroccan University to Offer Olive Oil Master’s Degree

The two-year degree program is meant to help professionalize the increasingly-important table olive and olive oil sectors in the North African country.