Tom Mueller

Mafia Control of Olive Oil the Topic of ’60 Minutes’ Report

Before millions of viewers who had just watched the Denver Broncos defeat the San Diego Chargers in a close late-season football game, '60 Minutes' showed how American olive oil consumers are getting ripped off by the Italian mob.

Mueller Connects Unseemly Events in Italian Olive Oil Sector

Investigative author Tom Mueller finds a common thread running through the stories of greed, corruption and crisis in Italian agriculture.
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‘Extra Virginity’ Author, Tom Mueller, On Olive Oil

The investigative author shares his thoughts on the events over the four years since the release of his controversial exposé with Olive Oil Times publisher, Curtis Cord.

New York Times Revises Olive Oil Fraud Infographic

The New York Times made revisions to an infographic on olive oil fraud that critics said was sensational and inaccurate in parts.
Olive Oil Times Special

Mueller: ‘Times Piece Doesn’t Square with What I Think’

The Extra Virginity author responded today to criticism surrounding a New York Times infographic on olive oil fraud.

Importers Call NYT Piece ‘Defamatory’, Mueller ‘Dismayed’

Importers blasted the New York Times for what it called a "defamatory and inaccurate" piece on olive oil adulteration in Italy.
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‘Extra Virginity’ Author’s Latest Investigation Raises Questions

Author Tom Mueller has stirred debate by blasting the competitor of a company he has repeatedly championed.

Non-Member Chemists Kept Out of Olive Council Meeting

Extra Virginity author Tom Mueller wrote in his blog that experts from non-member countries were kept away from this year's annual meeting.