`Olive Oil Council Considers 80 New Origin Denominations

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Olive Oil Council Considers 80 New Origin Denominations

Jul. 27, 2010
Daniel Williams

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By Daniel Williams
Olive Oil Times Con­trib­u­tor | Report­ing from Barcelona

The Inter­na­tional Olive Oil Coun­cil (IOOC) has detected the pos­si­bil­ity of cre­at­ing 80 new denom­i­na­tions of ori­gin for olive oil and olives through­out the world accord­ing to the Direc­tor and Chief of the Divi­sion of Study and Eval­u­a­tion, Jean Louis Bar­jol. The major­ity of these new denom­i­na­tions would apply to olive oil pro­duc­ing nations out­side the Euro­pean Union, like Argentina and Pales­tine.

Stud­ies began in Octo­ber of 2009 when the IOOC cre­ated a track­ing com­mit­tee com­prised of experts from Tunisia, Morocco, Israel and the Euro­pean Union. The objec­tive was to ini­ti­ate a detailed analy­sis of the cur­rent denom­i­na­tions of ori­gin
in the world and iden­tify new olives and olive oil that do not fit within the exist­ing denom­i­na­tions.

Denom­i­na­tions of ori­gin are placed as labels for olives or olive oil that meet the spe­cific require­ments of pro­duc­tion reg­u­la­tions. They indi­cate the geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion where the olive oil or olives have been pro­duced and they elab­o­rate upon the product’s com­po­si­tion which must reach cer­tain pre­cise stan­dards, often detailed leg­isla­tively.

The first phase of this new denom­i­na­tions project reached its con­clu­sion when the com­mit­tee ana­lyzed the judi­cial foun­da­tions of IOOC mem­ber coun­tries and other third par­ties involved in the pro­duc­tion process. The sec­ond part of the study has also been final­ized and was cause for a recent meet­ing of the IOOC’s work­ing group in Madrid. This phase detailed the require­ments, stan­dards and spec­i­fi­ca­tions for each newly pro­posed denom­i­na­tion of ori­gin. The rest of the work­ing group’s con­clu­sions and pro­pos­als will be made known in a sem­i­nar in Italy that the IOOC will hold in Octo­ber.


The analy­sis has deter­mined that at present, there are 120 denom­i­na­tions of ori­gin in the inter­na­tional olive and olive oil sec­tors. All of them belong to coun­tries within the Euro­pean Union except for 3 in Turkey and 1 in Morocco. Jean Louis Bar­jol has stated that the key for devel­op­ing these new denom­i­na­tions of ori­gin lies in the speci­ficity of the prod­uct, the ter­roir” or per­son­al­ity of each region, the meth­ods of pro­duc­tion, the exis­tence of a demand on the part of the eco­nomic sec­tor and an impulse at the hands of polit­i­cal author­i­ties.

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