marco-mugelli-noted-olive-oil-expert-has-diedThe internationally recognized agricultural scientist, engineer and olive oil expert, Dr. Marco Mugelli, has died.

Dr. Mugelli was a founder of the National Association of Olive Oil Tasters (ANAPOO) in San Casciano, Italy and developed innovative olive oil extraction systems designed to retain maximum flavors and health benefits.

Dr. Mugelli’s unique mills are built to operate under vacuum with a wide range of computerized sensors and adjustable controls. The oils that are obtained by this process retain greater fragrance, flavor and antioxidant levels.

Olive oil producers who have worked with Dr. Mugelli include Carlos Falco (Marqués de Griñón), Gianni Stefanini of Apollo Olive Oil in California, and many others in Italy, Spain and throughout the world.

He was chief of the Florence Tasting Panel for the legal evaluation of extra virgin olive oil, an investigator for the improvement of extra virgin olive oil for the Tuscan Chamber of Commerce and member of the Italian Association of Olive Oil Tasters.

Dr. Mugelli oversaw his family’s farm Torre Bianca in Chiesanuova, a small village 15 km from Florence.

Author Tom Mueller said “Marco was a pioneer in processing technology for highest quality olive oil, a patient and perceptive teacher, a generous friend, and a fearless critic of fraud in the oil industry. His passing is a terrible loss for the cause of great olive oil — and I hope his memory will be a spur to everyone who continues to fight the good fight.”

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