The Celades Family tree

The Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO) has awarded the Priego de Córdoba Olive Oil Tasting School for Children, the Olea Europea exposition and Ocon Mills for spreading worldwide the culture of olive oil 2012, within the application of the 10th AEMO Awards on the spreading of the Olive Oil Culture 2012.

The jury, according to AEMO, decided to recognize the Priego de Cordoba School with the first prize for its “great potential” which affects positively in the development of schoolchildren’s knowledge on the valuation of extra virgin olive oil. The school ccording to AEMO, disseminates olive oil culture through future generations.

The second prize, which was presented by the author Antonio Campos, went to the Olea Europea exposition, held in Riogordo (Malaga), and dedicated to the culture of olive oil and olives. Here, the jury praised the “high artistic quality” of the artwork collection and a very “careful” presentation.

Meanwhile, the rehabilitation of the olive press of Ocon Mills into an interpretive center of extra virgin olive oil, received the third prize presented by the City of Ocon (La Rioja). The project, from architect Francisco Iturriaga, was carried out with an “absolute respect” to the original architecture. This conversion, acording to the jury, “will enhance the culture of olive oil in this small town, located near the Ebro.”

Best Mill

AEMO granted a few days later its 9th National Award for Best Mill, an award that recognizes both the extra virgin olive oil produced and the facilities and management that makes it possible.

The first award went this time to Agroexplotaciones Tucuman, from El Carpio Tajo (Toledo) whose EVOO is sold under the brand of Casas de Hualdo. In this case, the jury praised their “magnificent and modern” facilities, which make up an operative mill, along with its high architectural harmony. According to AEMO, its olive oil has a “medium to intense fruity ripe, very clean, with pleasant aromatic fresh almond tones. The entrance on the palate is intensely fluid, appearing later a very slight bitterness and sharpness balance involved in a surprising sweetness.”

The jury also delivered a special acknowledgement to Almazara La Muela, whose olive oil is sold under the brand of Venta del Barón. AEMO valued the rational layout of their machinery and equipment which are housed in a modern building with a great functionality, scrupulous handling of raw materials, the separation of olive into the different varieties and the careful classification of oils in stock.

Moreover, the jury recognized Francisco Bujalance, head of Production at Cortijo de Suerte Alta, from Albendín (Baena) as Best Mill Master because of “his professionalism and care in handling this modern ecological mill.”

Monumental Olive Tree

On the other hand, AEMO recognized as Best Monumental Olive Tree of Spain “The Frozen Olive” presented by the City of Culla, located in the province of Castellón. The jury awarded the sensitivity and perseverance of the owners of the tree, the Celades Family for keeping a frozen olive tree apparently dead for over 50 years, after which it rebounded, expressing the unique ability of this species to survive.

All these awards will be presented at the Montoro Olive Fair (May, 16-19).

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