The International Olive Council has announced the winners of the 2010 Mario Solinas Awards.  This year’s top prize in the intense category went to the Spanish producer Almazarez de la Subbetica, while the medium and ripe awards went to producers in Portugal: Victor Guedes and Taifas.

Awards were presented to 75 individual producers, producer associations and packaging companies: 34 in Spain, 20 Portugal, 14 from Greece, two from Italy, two from Israel, one from France and another Morocco.

The oils have been assessed by a series of panels recognized by the IOC, which have been taken into account the olfactory, gustatory, and retronasal harmony, complexity and persistence.

In total, six oils from each group of fruit with the highest scores were declared finalists and were evaluated by an international jury.

The first prize in the Intense Green went to mills in the Subbética SCA of Priego de Córdoba, Spain. In the Middle Green group, the prize went to Victor Guedes SA, Abrantes, Portugal, while the Medium award was presented to Taifas-Azeite Industry and Trade, SA de Ferreira do Alentejo (Portugal).

The second prize in the Lively Green was awarded to Oils Fuente Grande, SA de Almedinilla, Cordoba (Spain) while in the Middle Green winner was SAOV Plant Ouro Sociedade Agrícola, Lda, of Alferrarede in Abrantes, Portugal. In the Medium, the award went to Le MoulinVillevieille, in the French village with the same name.

The aim of the competition is to encourage individual producers, producer associations and packers in the producing countries to market extra virgin olive oils displaying harmonious organoleptic characteristics and to encourage consumers to recognize and appreciate the sensory attributes of such oils.

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