olive oil competitions

Apr. 18, 2024

Croatian Ag Minister Applauds Country’s Most Awarded Producer

With four more honors at the 2024 World Olive Oil Competition, Avistria is Croatia's most decorated producer..

Apr. 16, 2024

Small Producers, Oleotourism Take Center Stage at Ercole Olivario

The winners of the main competition will participate in the Shelf Life Monitoring Project, which will help improve best practices for producers and consumers.

Apr. 9, 2024

Slovenian Producers Celebrate Award-Winning Finish to Challenging Harvest

While Slovenia's production fell 20 percent below average, two producers overcame inclement weather and pests to produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Mar. 19, 2024

Growers in Croatia Await Contest Results

Industry advocates and producers see the NYIOOC as a way to showcase Croatia's quality and combat adulteration and fraud.

Mar. 14, 2024

World Olive Oil Competition 2024 Live Updates

The world’s most prestigious olive oil quality contest is revealing award winners in the Northern Hemisphere division. We are following the results live.

Dec. 7, 2023

Celebrating South America's Historic Olive Trees

The organization Sudoliva documents and preserves historic olive trees which tell the story of the European colonization of Latin America.

Aug. 8, 2023

Judging Gets Underway in NYIOOC Southern Division

Registration remains open until the final results are released in September. Producers across the hemisphere await the results.

Jul. 11, 2023

Ever Higher Quality Rewarded at Eighth EVO IOOC Italy in Calabria

Producers from Italy and Brazil received the highest honors at the eight EVO IOOC Italy. Judges agreed that the quality is improving.

Jun. 21, 2023

Andalusian Producers Achieve Outstanding Quality After Disastrous Harvest

After the smallest harvest in more than a decade, producers in Spain earned their fourth-highest award count at the World Olive Oil Competition.

Jun. 8, 2023

Olive Oil Producers in Middle East Enjoy Award-Winning Finish to Bumper Harvest

Producers in Lebanon, Israel and Jordan overcame economic challenges to celebrate success at the 2023 World Olive Oil Competition.

Jun. 8, 2023

Sicilian and Sardinian Producers Attribute Award-Winning Quality to Innovation, Sustainability

Producers on Sicily and Sardinia overcame drought and macroeconomic challenges to craft some of this year's best extra virgin olive oils.

May. 18, 2023

Triumph of Northern Italian Producers Rooted in Profound Bond with the Land

Farrmers in five northern Italian regions overcame drought to achieve another year of high-quality extra virgin olive oil production.

May. 17, 2023

Californians Navigate a Challenging Harvest Committed to Quality

Producers across California overcame frost, drought and rising prices to yield some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils.


Mar. 28, 2023

PDO and PGI Producers Celebrated at Ercole Olivario

Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily were the most awarded regions, with three prizes each, followed by Campania, Puglia and Tuscany, with one prize each.

Dec. 14, 2022

NYIOOC Winner Awarded for Olio Nuovo in Dalmatia

Denis Plastić reflects on a challenging harvest even as his Olio Nuovo is lauded at a local competition.

Sep. 13, 2022

Sustainability Key to Success of Central Italy’s Award-Winning Producers

Producers from Central Italy reflected on success at the 2022 NYIOOC and looked ahead to the coming harvest.

Aug. 10, 2022

First-Time Winners Reflect on World Competition Victories

Producers from around the world said their NYIOOC awards were lifting sales and customer trust.

Aug. 1, 2022

In Japan, Producers Reflect on An Award-Winning Year

Producers in Japan combined to earn a record-tying four Gold Awards and two Silver Awards, overcoming formidable harvest-year challenges.

Jul. 19, 2022

Sicilian and Sardinian Growers Triumph in World Competition

The judges acknowledged the results of a growing organic approach and an established know-how from producers on Italy’s two largest islands.

Jul. 11, 2022

Israeli Producers Celebrate Record Year at World Competition

Despite having its worst harvest in a decade, Israeli producers earned a record-high number of awards at the World Competition.

Jul. 11, 2022

Northern Italian Producers Achieve Quality Despite Drought, Frost

Producers from Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna triumphed once again at the World Olive Oil Competition.