Nov. 1, 2023

Turkish Olive Oil Exports Can Make Up for Europe's Deficit Once Ban Is Lifted, Official Says

Turkey has reserves of 180,000 tons and is slated to produce another 180,000 in the current harvest that could meet European demand for bulk olive oil.

Oct. 31, 2023

Global Olive Oil Production Set for Second Straight Year of Decline

The world’s seven largest olive oil-producing countries are expected to yield 1.97 million tons in the 2023/24 crop year, 23 percent below the average of the previous four campaigns.

Oct. 23, 2023

Olive Oil Producers in Turkey Decry Export Freeze

Turkey’s temporary olive oil export ban has brought down domestic prices while causing headaches for exporters.

Oct. 23, 2023

Europe Approves PDO for Memecik from Aydın, Turkey

Aydın Memecik is set to become the country's third Protected Designation of Origin for olive oil.

Aug. 18, 2023

Citing Rising Prices and Low Margins, Turkey Bans Bulk Olive Oil Exports

The trade ministry wants to promote the country's packaged olive oil exports while limiting further price rises for domestic consumers.

Aug. 2, 2023

Education Vital to Success of Turkey’s Olive Oil Sector, Award-Winning Producer Says

After winning 10 awards at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, the producers behind Oliva Malia are keen to share the secrets of their success.

Apr. 27, 2023

A Record-Breaking Year for Producers in Turkey

After becoming the world’s second-largest producing country, Turkish producers upped their quality too.

Apr. 3, 2023

Record-High Olive Oil Exports Projected in Turkey

According to the International Olive Council, Turkish exports will rise sharply this year to 134,000 tons, more than triple the five-year average.

Feb. 6, 2023

Deadly Earthquakes Shake Turkey and Syria

As international rescuers travel to the war-ravaged region, witnesses describe freezing temperatures among razed cities and villages.

Jan. 9, 2023

Turkish Parliament Stops Coal Mining Operations in Olive Groves

The proposed bill, which would allow coal mining in the vicinity of olive orchards, had been halted in 2020 and has now been canceled by Parliament.

Dec. 8, 2022

In Turkey, Olive Oil Exports Rise with Prices and Production

The rising volume and value of Turkish olive oil exports have been fueled by strong production, surging prices and more branded oils.

Nov. 10, 2022

A Predicted Record Harvest Would Make Turkey the World’s Second-Largest Olive Oil Producer

The country’s olive oil and table olive yields are expected to reach record highs. Officials hope to export more olive oil to Europe and grow domestic demand.

Jul. 25, 2022

In Turkey, Father and Son Rediscover Roots to Craft Award-Winning EVOO

The founder of Turkey’s Darvari Gida Tarim honors his family’s past by forging forward with a new olive oil-producing future.


Jul. 12, 2021

Ali Gürbüz Claims Fourth Title at 660th Kırkpınar

Gürbüz defeated Koç to earn his second consecutive title as Turkey’s chief wrestler. He triumphed over 2,160 other entrants, who came from across the country to the northwestern city of Edirne to compete in the centuries-old tournament.

Jun. 15, 2021

Turkish Olive Oils Win Acclaim in World Competition

After an off-year harvest complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, producers from Turkey celebrated a record-high 44 awards.

Apr. 22, 2021

Producers Puzzled by Turkish Ban on Bulk Olive Oil Exports

In a season where 220,000 tons were produced, Turkey has stopped bulk olive oil exports until the end of next October.

Mar. 25, 2021

Kırkpınar Governor Calls on Former Champion to Quit Reality Show

After derogatory remarks were aimed at Ismail Balaban by another contestant on Survivor Turkey, the agha of Kırkpınar thinks the former champions should leave in protest.

Dec. 14, 2020

Pandemic and Weather Extremes Compound an Off-Year in Turkey

Bad springtime weather and logistic challenges have made what was expected to be a tough year even worse.

Oct. 8, 2020

With Wrestling Match Canceled, Kırkpınar Sponsor Invests in Local Education

Seyfettin Selim has invested in a state-of-the-art nursery school and daycare in Edirne. He plans to have the school ready to open in time for the 659th edition of Kırkpınar.

Aug. 24, 2020

Kırkpınar Governor Calls for Cancellation of This Year’s Event

The Covid-19 pandemic originally delayed the 659th edition of the world's oldest sporting event from the first week of July to September. Now the main sponsor and ceremonial head of the event says he no longer supports the tournament taking place.

Jul. 9, 2020

World's Oldest Sporting Event Delayed Due to Covid Concerns

The centuries-old Kırkpınar olive oil wrestling championship will reportedly not go ahead until the end of summer or autumn. The decision was made by the event organizers after consulting with Turkey’s Ministry of Health.