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Thank You, Preedy and Watson

By Virginia Brown Keyder
Mar. 28, 2013 10:26 UTC

Anyone read­ing, writ­ing or just think­ing about olives and olive oil will, sooner rather than later, be forced to con­front the sci­ence that has over the cen­turies elu­ci­dated the ties between this majes­tic tree and humans.

Whether it’s law, med­i­cine, agron­omy or human aes­thet­ics, one must come to terms with fatty acids and phe­no­lic com­pounds.

Strolling through the bow­els of Binghamton University’s sci­ence library recently, I came across a vol­ume in the over-sized book sec­tion (and it is over-sized, run­ning to just under 1,500 fact-filled pages) enti­tled Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention, edited by Victor R. Preedy and Ronald Ross Watson (2010).

Even though the library kindly let me check this out for an entire year, after one evening with the book I knew I had to have my very own copy. Sure, sev­eral peo­ple have uploaded this book onto the inter­net, but it is one of those books that you want for your library, to pull down and peruse when you’re feel­ing low. You want to thank the authors for tak­ing the time and trou­ble to pro­duce this work. This book has every­thing sci­en­tific you’d ever need to know about olives, and yet it doesn’t wear you down.

From the open­ing chap­ter on gen­eral aspects of olives and olive oil, through the processes of oil pro­duc­tion and on to car­di­ol­ogy, lipids, oxida­tive stress and even muta­genic activ­ity in meat sam­ples after deep fry­ing in olive oil in com­par­i­son to other oils (not to dimin­ish the impor­tance of azoxymethane-induced colon car­cino­gen­e­sis through Wnt/beta-catenin sig­nal­ing and the effects of olive oil or usage of hydrox­y­ty­rosol for antimy­coplas­mal activ­ity), it enlight­ens, enter­tains and illu­mi­nates.

From stress to cho­les­terol, from skin afflic­tions to tooth decay, it sub­stan­ti­ates one’s belief in the mag­i­cal pow­ers of this yellow/green sub­stance. I can’t begin to imag­ine where this book has been hid­ing. Maybe every­one knew about it but me, but just in case that’s not so, do try to get your hands on a copy. You will never look back.

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