`E.U. Approves PGI for Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


E.U. Approves PGI for Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jan. 2, 2020
By Ylenia Granitto

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The Euro­pean Com­mis­sion has approved the Pro­tected Geo­graph­i­cal Indi­ca­tion (PGI) Olio di Puglia,” which was pub­lished in the Offi­cial Jour­nal of the Euro­pean Union.

The PGI is reserved for the extra vir­gin olive oil pro­duced in the admin­is­tra­tive ter­ri­tory of the Puglia region, obtained from olives of the vari­eties Cel­lina di Nardò, Cima di Bitonto (or Ogliarola Barese, or Ogliarola Gar­gan­ica), Cima di Melfi, Fran­toio, Ogliarola salentina (or Cima di Mola), Coratina, Favolosa (or Fs-17), Lec­cino, and Per­an­zana.

The approved vari­eties can be used alone or in blends in which they con­sti­tute no less than 70 per­cent with other Ital­ian vari­eties.

This is an impor­tant recog­ni­tion for Apu­lian olive grow­ers and Ital­ian agri­cul­ture,” the pres­i­dent of the asso­ci­a­tion for the pro­tec­tion and val­oriza­tion of IGP Olio di Puglia, Pan­ta­leo Pic­cinno, told Olive Oil Times.

It is a suc­cess in terms of ter­ri­to­ri­al­ity, as we have man­aged to ensure that all pro­duc­tion phases, includ­ing bot­tling, must take place in our region,” he said. This prod­uct is char­ac­ter­ized by excel­lent health prop­er­ties, given by a high con­tent of polyphe­nols, as well as fresh­ness, since only the olive oil pro­duced in the cur­rent crop year can be labeled as IGP Olio di Puglia.”


These points can be trans­lated into mar­ket­ing ele­ments but, above all, pro­vide an incen­tive for Apu­lian farm­ers, Pic­cinno said.

The PGI was made pos­si­ble thanks to the work by the mem­bers of the sci­en­tific com­mit­tee.

Spe­cial thanks go to Maria Lisa Clodoveo, Bernardo De Gen­naro, Sal­va­tore Cam­poseo, and Mau­r­izio Servili, for hav­ing given strength and struc­ture to the argu­ments we have sub­mit­ted to Brus­sels, and to Fab­rizio De Cas­tro and Pietro Spag­no­letti for their valu­able work in prepar­ing the pro­duc­tion spec­i­fi­ca­tion,” Pic­cinno said.

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