A new course aimed to promote research and knowledge about the Mediterranean diet, including nutrition, food safety and gastronomy aspects, will be introduced at the University of Jáen, Spain. The course will honor Juan Salcedo, founder of Juanito de Baeza, a restaurant with a focus on local olive oil, and one of the first promoters of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet in Spain.

Juan Salcedo

The course will develop an annual program of activities, conferences and workshops including areas such as tasting traditional cuisine and food security. It will also offer a Masters’ program, Cuisine and Nutrition: Mediterranean diet and Oil Tasting.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Manuel Parras, explained that the objective of the course is to learn more about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, not exclusively extra virgin and virgin olive oils. The course will promote the importance of quality olive oils in the Mediterranean diet, but it will also focus on training and innovation for workers such as restaurant management, chefs and wine tasters.

The naming of the course after Juan Salcedo ‘Juanito’, recognizes the important role he played for over 50 years in the pride and promotion of extra virgin olive oil and the traditional cuisine of Jáen in national and international gastronomy. He is known to have been a pioneer of Jáen olive oil and highlighted its qualities and flavors whilst staying true to ancestral recipes of the province.

Salcedo established his restaurant in 1955, serving traditional cuisine featuring his family’s own olive oil, Oleo Viana. He won many awards throughout the European Union and the restaurant has been frequented by numerous celebrities, Politicians and Kings of Spain. After his death in 2004, the Salcedos family continue to run Juanito as well as produce oil from local olives.

Salcedo’s son, Juan Luis, expressed his gratitude for the tribute to the memory of his father demonstrated by the new course.

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