`Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Risk of Kidney Disease


Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Risk of Kidney Disease

Nov. 20, 2014
Isabel Putinja

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A new US study has found that a Mediter­ranean diet may sig­nif­i­cantly reduce the risk of chronic kid­ney dis­ease.

The study, The Asso­ci­a­tion between a Mediter­ranean-Style Diet and Kid­ney Func­tion in the North­ern Man­hat­tan Study Cohort” by Dr Minesh Kha­tri of Colum­bia Uni­ver­sity Med­ical Cen­ter and his col­leagues, was pub­lished in the Clin­i­cal Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Nephrol­ogy.
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While the Mediter­ranean diet has long been asso­ci­ated with a decrease in car­dio­vas­cu­lar risks, the researchers of this study aimed to find out if the diet can also encour­age a pos­i­tive change in kid­ney func­tion and a lower risk of kid­ney dis­ease. A Mediter­ranean diet includes fruits and veg­eta­bles, fish, legumes, and healthy fats like extra vir­gin olive oil.

This study fol­lowed 900 mul­ti­eth­nic par­tic­i­pants for close to seven years, mon­i­tor­ing the degree of their adher­ence to the Mediter­ranean diet through a points sys­tem.

The results of the study indi­cate that dietary pat­terns that closely resem­bled the Mediter­ranean diet were linked with a 50 per­cent reduced risk of devel­op­ing chronic kid­ney dis­ease and a 42 per­cent reduced risk of expe­ri­enc­ing rapid kid­ney func­tion decline.”

For every point in the Mediter­ranean diet score, the doc­tors noted a 17 per­cent lower like­li­hood of devel­op­ing chronic kid­ney dis­ease.

Accord­ing to the National Kid­ney Foun­da­tion, kid­ney dis­ease is the 9th lead­ing cause of death in the US, with 1 in 3 Amer­i­cans at risk of devel­op­ing the dis­ease.


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