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Olive Oil Beneficial for Elderly

By Elena Paravantes
May. 13, 2013 12:12 UTC

Spanish researchers eval­u­ated the effect of adding olive oil to the diets of healthy elderly. The results showed that extra vir­gin olive oil reduced total cho­les­terol, but also increased HDL lev­els also known as the good cho­les­terol.

The study, pub­lished in the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics included 62 par­tic­i­pants aged 65 – 96 years. They were divided into two groups; the con­trol group main­tained their cur­rent diet, while the olive group con­sumed EVOO as the only added fat and a daily dose of 50 ml, which cor­re­sponds to about three table­spoons.

After six weeks the researchers found a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion of total cho­les­terol, but also an increase in the HDL (the good” cho­les­terol). In addi­tion, the olive group had a higher plasma Total Antioxidant Capacity com­pared to the con­trol group. The researchers con­cluded that nutri­tional inter­ven­tion with EVOO improves the antiox­i­dant sta­tus in healthy elderly peo­ple.

These find­ings that olive oil can improve antiox­i­dant sta­tus as well as lipid pro­file in the elderly adds to recent research that is point­ing to the Mediterranean diet as the ideal diet for the elderly. Three new stud­ies have shown that a Mediterranean style diet can pos­i­tively affect sev­eral side effects of aging.

Researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago con­cluded after fol­low­ing over 3,500 men for 7 years, that the annual rate of devel­op­ing depres­sive symp­toms was 98.6 per­cent lower among per­sons in the high­est ter­tile of a Mediterranean-based dietary pat­tern com­pared with per­sons in the low­est ter­tile group.

Another new study pub­lished in Neurology which used infor­ma­tion from over 17,000 indi­vid­u­als over the age of 45, con­cluded that closer adher­ence to a Mediterranean style diet resulted in a lower risk of mem­ory loss, while a third study by Spanish researchers showed it improves vas­cu­lar dys­func­tion and can play a role in the pro­tec­tion against the chronic dis­eases related to aging.


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