The Mediterranean Diet Foundation in collaboration with several international health and nutrition organizations updated the traditional Mediterranean Diet pyramid to reflect and adapt to today’s lifestyle.

While some elements remained the same, there were new components added to this eating plan in order to represent the Mediterranean lifestyle as a whole.

The pyramid continues to promote breads, grains, olive oil, fruits and vegetables as the basis of the diet, while red meat and sweets are at the tip of the pyramid to be consumed sparingly. However, in this version recommended servings are included as well, providing the reader with a better idea of how much to eat and not only what to eat.

The most interesting aspect of this new model is the fact that it includes suggestions regarding cooking, socializing, use of seasonal and local foods, activity, moderation and of course adequate rest.

The pyramid has been translated in 10 languages that are spoken in the Mediterranean region and can be downloaded from the Mediterranean Diet Foundation website.



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