The New York International Olive Oil Competition has developed a new tool to match foods with the perfect extra virgin olive oil.

Food professionals and home chefs have a new tool for finding the best olive oils for their dishes.

High quality extra virgin olive oils can elevate dishes to soaring new heights, but sometimes finding the right EVOO to pair with foods can be tricky.

A new tool that takes the guesswork out of finding the best match- Curtis Cord, NYIOOC President

For example, you might not want a highly bitter oil over a light fish or potatoes, while the taste of a delicate oil will get lost on that smoked brisket.

With more than one thousand olive cultivars and countless taste profiles among them, finding the best match for a certain food can be a daunting challenge.

Not anymore.

The New York International Olive Oil Competition, the world’s largest and most prestigious event of its kind, has developed a food pairing app to identify the best match for your culinary creation among this year’s award-winning oils.

The tool is free to use on…, the website that serves as the official yearly index of the NYIOOC results.
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Behind the easy interface lies an algorithm developed by NYIOOC and the staff of Olive Oil Times which analyzes the taste profiles of hundreds of this year’s best olive oils to return the ideal match for a variety of popular dishes.

“We know that a great olive oil can make foods soar,” said Curtis Cord, the NYIOOC president, and Olive Oil Times publisher, “but choosing the wrong one can diminish the result. This new tool takes the guesswork out of finding the best match.”


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