extra virgin olive oil

Jan. 30, 2024

Starbucks Expands Oleato Line to All U.S. Stores

The move comes as the company braces for the publication of disappointing economic data and one year after the line of beverages made its debut in Italy.

Jan. 29, 2024

The Joy and Sacrifice of Organic Olive Oil Production on Mallorca

Oli de Santanyi founder Dirk Müller-Busch believes that producers who want a fair price must meet consumer demands for organic, high-quality extra virgin olive oil at all costs.

Jan. 15, 2024

Oleocanthal: Behind the Health Benefits of Olive Oil's Famous Phenol

Found solely in extra virgin olive oil, oleocanthal demonstrates potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been linked to beneficial impacts on cancer and dementia.

Jan. 15, 2024

Producers in Uruguay See Awards Fueling Exports, Local Olive Oil Culture

Uruguayans turned heads at the 2023 World Olive Oil Competition, setting their sights on export markets and homegrown appreciation.

Jan. 2, 2024

Rise in Production of Italian PDO and PGI Olive Oils, New Report Reveals

An estimated 23,500 operators produced 13,500 tons of extra virgin olive oil with geographical indications in 2022, but their export value remained stable at €62 million.

Jan. 2, 2024

Study Reveals How Polyphenols Lower Insulin Resistance

Mice fed a high-fat diet comprised of polyphenol-enriched extra virgin olive oil demonstrated gene expressions associated with reduced oxidative stress and inflammation.

Nov. 20, 2023

Olive Oil Sales Slump in Spain and Italy Amid Rising Prices

Consumers are switching to smaller bottles of extra virgin olive oil and, in some cases, choosing lower grades.

Nov. 20, 2023

Languedoc Extra Virgin Olive Oil Receives PDO Certification

Made from the local Lucques and Olivière varieties, Languedoc becomes France’s ninth extra virgin olive oil to receive Protected Designation of Origin status.

Nov. 14, 2023

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Outcomes in Liver Disease Patients

Following the Mediterranean diet for one year improved the symptoms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese patients over the age of 60.

Nov. 14, 2023

Competition Data Offer Insights Into Olive Oil World

Historically poor harvests did not impact quality and the rising popularity of organic production.

Nov. 14, 2023

Brazilian Producers React to Record-Setting Year at World Competition

Farmers and millers said the record-high 50 awards earned at the 2023 NYIOOC promote locally-produced olive oil at home and abroad.

Nov. 9, 2023

An Award-Winning Finish to A Fruitful Harvest in The Southern Cone

After bumper harvests in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, producers demonstrated their quality with a combined 14 awards at the world’s largest olive oil quality contest.

Nov. 6, 2023

Polyphenol in EVOO May Shield Kidneys from Diabetes-Related Damage, Study Finds

Researchers investigated the use of dihydroxyphenylglycol, a polyphenol present in extra virgin olive oil, to treat kidney disease caused by type 1 diabetes.


Apr. 11, 2023

Report Highlights Health Benefits, Disproves Myths Surrounding EVOO

The Olive Wellness Institute published a report to educate healthcare officials and the public about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Feb. 22, 2023

At Zeet, Quality Is a Family Business

The company produces its own olive oils in Tunisia, Spain and Italy using knowledge gleaned over four generations.

Feb. 10, 2023

CARM Celebrates Regional Taste with High-End Olive Oils and Wines

In northern Portugal, Casa Agricola Roboredo Madeira (CARM) pioneers organic farming to craft award-winning products.

Jan. 31, 2023

Domaine Adonis Bets on Traditional Orchards and Organic Production

The renowned Tunisian producer centers on local cultivars, working with the terroir, and earning global recognition.

Jan. 31, 2023

Spanish Co. Introduces Vegan Cheese Made With Olive Oil

Väcka uses melon seed milk and extra virgin olive oil instead of coconut oil and fermented almond milk in two new vegan cheese products.

Jan. 30, 2023

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makes Good Pizza Even Better, Researchers Find

A new study shows that olive oil has a significant sensory and chemical effect on Neapolitan pizza.

Jan. 9, 2023

Šibenik Event Highlights Award-Winning Dalmatian Producers

The Dalmatian event includes panels on the state of the olive oil industry in Croatia, tastings, and educational sessions.

Jan. 5, 2023

Prices Set Records in Spain

Olive oil prices at origin are mounting in Spain. Extra virgin olive oils, in particular, are showing record-breaking week-by-week increases.