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Mediterranean Diet Tops Annual List

By Julie Al-Zoubi
Jan. 2, 2020 15:26 UTC

The Mediterranean diet was named the best dietary reg­i­men in the US News & World Report’s annual list which is com­piled by a panel of nutri­tion­ists, dia­betes spe­cial­ists, heart health and weight loss experts.

It was the third con­sec­u­tive year the diet rich in fresh fruit, veg­eta­bles and olive oil was ranked as the best over­all eat­ing plan.

The diet also ranked at the top for dia­betes pre­ven­tion and the best plant-based diet.

The Mediterranean diet topped 35 other eat­ing plans due to its heart health ben­e­fits and abil­ity to ward off dia­betes. It was also hailed as the eas­i­est diet to fol­low.

The MedDiet was pre­ferred to keto, veg­an­ism and com­mer­cial diet plans such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.


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