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A Comprehensive Resource for the Olive Oil Sector

Oct. 22, 2012
Naomi Tupper

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El Sector Internaciónal De Elaboración de Aceite de Oliva, or The International Olive Oil Production Sector, by Juan Vilar Hernández is a descrip­tive study of dif­fer­ent olive oil pro­duc­ing coun­tries and one of the most com­pre­hen­sive books writ­ten so far on the olive oil sec­tor. The book pro­vides an overview of the cur­rent state of olive growth and olive oil pro­duc­tion in the 41 coun­tries that now pro­duce olive oil world­wide.

Beginning with an overview of the his­tory and cul­ture of the olive tree and their rela­tion­ship with man as far back as the begin­ning of civ­i­liza­tion, the book shows the impor­tance of the indus­try his­tor­i­cally as well as illus­trat­ing its mag­ni­tude in cur­rent times.

There’s a descrip­tion of the global olive sec­tor, con­ti­nent by con­ti­nent, for all of the cur­rent olive oil pro­duc­ing coun­tries, includ­ing the types of crops, their poten­tial for growth, risks, and pro­duc­tive assets.

The book, which was co-writ­ten by José Rafael Garcia Cárdenas, was pre­sented at the International Olive Growing Conference held this year in Jaén, Spain where the authors expressed great con­fi­dence in the olive sec­tor and pre­dicted a promis­ing future due to con­tin­u­ing growth in pro­duc­tion lev­els and olive grove acreage, and an increas­ing demand for olive oil world­wide.

The world­wide turnover for the olive sec­tor accord­ing to the book, aver­ages between €8.5 and €10.6 bil­lion ($11.1bn — $13.8bn)per year, pro­vides employ­ment for over 30 mil­lion peo­ple and pro­duces around 3 mil­lion tons annu­ally from 34,000 mills. Cárdenas and Hernández have expressed a belief that the indus­try will only con­tinue to grow, pre­dict­ing an increased out­put to 3.7 mil­lion tons by 2015.

University of Jaén Rector Manuel Parras Rosa and Juan Vilar Hernández, author of El Sector Internaciónal De Elaboración de Aceite de Oliva”

Both authors are heav­ily involved in the olive oil indus­try; one is the CEO and the other the Technical Director of GEA Wesfalia Separator Ibérica, a lead­ing sup­plier of mechan­i­cal sep­a­rat­ing equip­ment to olive oil mills. Both authors drew on their expe­ri­ence in the indus­try to cre­ate the com­pre­hen­sive book, and Cárdenas announced the pub­li­ca­tion also serves as part of a doc­toral the­sis on the global com­pet­i­tive­ness of the olive indus­try.


The book has been praised by the direc­tor of the International Olive Council (IOC), Jean-Louis Barjol, who stressed the accu­racy and qual­ity of the data, doc­u­ments and sources used.

For those who have an inter­est in the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion of the global olive sec­tor, as well as the sta­tus of tra­di­tion­ally pro­duc­ing coun­tries, such as Spain, in com­par­i­son to new pro­duc­ers, this book is rec­om­mended.


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