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Nearly One-third of World's Olive Oil Made from Picual

By Daniel Dawson
Dec. 5, 2019 00:00 UTC

Nearly one-third of all the olive oil pro­duced glob­ally over the past half-decade has come from the Picual vari­ety, accord­ing to sta­tis­tics com­piled and pub­lished by the indus­try ana­lyst, Juan Vilar, and his con­sult­ing agency.

In total, 30 per­cent of olive oil pro­duced in the past five years was made from Picual olives. In sec­ond place was another Spanish vari­ety, Arbequina, from which 10 per­cent of the world’s olive oil has been pro­duced over the same period.

The sta­tis­tics were pub­lished in the fifth edi­tion of Vilar’s and co-author Jorge Enrique Pereira’s International Olive Growing: Worldwide Anaylsis and Summary, which was pub­lished in November.

Along with ana­lyz­ing which types of olives are being used in olive oils, the two authors also inves­ti­gated how the olives are being har­vested and pressed as well as their envi­ron­men­tal impact.

The two found that 61 per­cent of olive oils are being pro­duced from tra­di­tional groves, while 29 per­cent come from medium-den­sity olive groves and 10 per­cent come from high-den­sity groves.

Vilar and Enrique Pereira also esti­mate that each hectare of olive trees sequester about 2.6 tons of car­bon, on aver­age, each year (which means each acre sequesters about 0.95 tons of car­bon each year).

International olive grow­ing sequesters 30 mil­lion tons of car­bon diox­ide, 10 per­cent of the total car­bon diox­ide that Spain gen­er­ates per year,” the pair wrote in the man­ual.


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