The Chilean Association of Growers and Producers of Olives and Olive Oil, Chile Oliva, has formed a partnership with James Beard award winning chef Todd English in an effort to promote Chilean oils around America.

The Boston-based celebrity chef, author and TV personality owns a host of restaurants around the U.S., but is best known for his first restaurant group, which coincidently carries the name ‘Olives’. English is considered one of most successful chefs in the States, receiving James Beard awards– which are considered by some as the Oscars of the food world — on four occasions. However, he has been forced to close a number of his restaurants in recent years and has been brought under scrutiny by the press for his playboy antics.

The chef will promote the qualities of Chilean oil at a number of events, including media dinners and the re-opening of his Olives restaurants in Boston, New York and Miami. He will also be the face of… and produce content for both the website and an associated Facebook page in a campaign produced by the Vivaldi Partners Group.

The “How Virgin is Your Extra Virgin?” campaign will see English create recipe videos and cooking tips using the olive oil from a country he believes is producing some of the freshest fruit and food at the moment. The focus of the campaign will be to show how high-quality Chilean extra virgin oils can be used to enhance flavour in a wide range of dishes.

Chef English stated that he only used the finest ingredients in his cooking and olive oil was used in many of his signature dishes. President of Chile Oliva, Arturo Leiva said the organization was proud to partner with English and that his use of olive oil in his restaurants and cookbooks made him a great partner to highlight one of Chile’s quality exports.

Chile produces one of the highest ratios of extra virgin olive oil in the world, with 90 percent of all olive oil produced classified as extra virgin. Olive oil is one of the country’s largest export markets and one which continues to grow as more people become aware of the many benefits of the product.

The James Beard Foundation named Chile Oliva as a house purveyor in April this year, giving the opportunity for Chilean oils to be featured at associated food events around the United States.

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