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Jul. 4, 2014

Fancy Food Show Rife with Opportunities for Olive Oil Stakeholders

Olive oil producers, exporters, retailers and promotion committees converged at the massive event that draws over 24,000 visitors.

Jul. 1, 2014

Olive Oils of the World on Display at Summer Fancy Food Show

Olive oil producers of all sizes shared their products with the world at the 60th edition of one the industry's most important trade conventions.

Apr. 16, 2014

Thousands Visit Alimentaria’s Olive Oil Bar

More than 140,000 people visited Alimentaria in Barcelona, and organizers say many of them visited the olive oil tasting bar.

Oct. 15, 2012

New Olive Oil Outreach at Food and Nutrition Conference

Two olive oil organizations were present for the first time at the FNCE conference in Philadelphia last week.

May. 10, 2012

Montoro 'Olive Tree' Fair to Focus on Exports

Monday May 16th will see the start of the 16th Montoro Olive Tree Trade Fair in Cordoba . The event is seen as one of the most important opportunities for those in the olive and olive oil business.

Apr. 27, 2012

103rd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

1,600 colleagues will gather to focus on the science and business dynamics currently driving the global fats and oils industries.

Mar. 13, 2012

ChileOliva to Host Seminar on Olive Oil Processing

The Chilean trade organization partners up with InnovaChile to offer a seminar on the olive oil quality, processing and efficiency in central Chile.

Feb. 6, 2012

Bulk Oil Sector to Gather at First World Fair

The organizers of the first World Bulk Oil Exhibition (WBOE) - to be held in Madrid on April 12 and 13 - hope it will help dispel a widespread belief that bottled olive oil is always better than bulk.

Jan. 23, 2012

10th Edition of Madridfusión Celebrates Sweets and Seafood

Villa Campestri’s "OliveToLive" system, designed by Paolo Pasquali, is a nominee for a design and innovation award at the huge culinary conference this week in Madrid.

Nov. 15, 2011

Culinary Institute, Davis Olive Center Present Olive Oil Quality Seminar

The January 12 event at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California’s Napa Valley, will immerse retail, foodservice, production and distribution professionals into the new world of olive oil quality.


Sep. 22, 2011

Slow Food Dairy Event Explores Cheese and Olive Oil Pairings

At Slow Food's "Cheese" – the big event dedicated to the dairy world held every two years in Bra, Piedmont – olive oil and cheese became closer friends.

Aug. 27, 2011

ExpoHuelma Under Way in Jaén, Spotlight on Olive Oil

The Jaén provincial government will have its own stand at the fair, which aims to promote the tourism, handicraft, livestock and agri-food industries.

Jun. 4, 2011

Q&A with Spain's Olive Oil Interprofessional Director Teresa Pérez

Interprofessional Director Teresa Pérez explains why this week's Beyond Extra Virgin conference in Córdoba will be different than previous editions.

May. 12, 2011

Expoliva Kicks Off in Jaén

Andalusian president José Antonio Griñán urged olive oil producers to put greater emphasis on olive oil quality, while MARM director Isabel Bombal called for the IOC to add members.

May. 9, 2011

Athens Hosts Eleotechnia Mediterranean Exhibition of Olive and Olive Oil

Over one hundred companies focused on olive oil and edible olive production in Greece gathered at the Eleotechnia Mediterranean Exhibition of Olive and Olive Oil in Athens.

Apr. 25, 2011

15th Expoliva Olive Oil Exhibition in Jaén

Spain's huge olive oil fair hopes to again attract more than 40,000 visitors this year, despite the dismal prices and low morale plaguing the country's olive oil producers.

Mar. 7, 2011

Izmir Hosts First Olive Oil Technology Fair

The Olivetech Olive Oil and Technology Fair took place in Izmir, Turkey. The four-day event drew attention to industry challenges as well as its progress.

Feb. 22, 2011

ZZTK: Advancing Turkish Olive Oil Abroad

Turkey's Promotional Committee for Olive and Olive Oil will attend a number of events in 2011 to promote Turkish olive oil to developing markets around the world.