The Diputación de Jaén has distributed to more than 18,000 restaurants in fifty countries information on participating in the 8th International Cooking Award with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (“Jaén, Paraiso Interior” Premio Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra).  The finals will take place November 7th as part of the 12th Congress ‘Best of Gastronomy ‘ to be held at the trade fair in Alicante.

Chefs interested in taking part in the event may submit proposals by October 10th.  The main feature used in the preparation must be the extra virgin olive oils included in the quality label Selection Jaén 2010.

The Provincial Administration is sending the detailed information – which have been published in Spanis, French, English and Italian – both electronically and via postal mail to restaurants in France, Italy, Argentina, South Korea, United States, Malaysia, Czech Republic and Taiwan, among many others.


From the proposals received the jury, composed of leading international experts in the field of gastronomy, will select ten finalists who will have to prepare their recipe at the end of the Lo Mejor de La Gastronómía chefs’ conference on November 7th.
“You appreciate things like creativity and imagination employed in the creation of a base plate made with the extra virgin olive oil produced in Jaén,” explained a statement by the Vice President of Tourism, Local Development, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Maria Angustias Velasco.

Seven Oils

During the course of the competition, the finalists have to make a plate using “Jaén Selection 2010” extra virgin olive oils, which are:

  • Tuccioliva , Agricultural Cooperative Society Andaluza San Amador (Martos);
  • Soler Romero Bio of Alcanova, SL (Alcaudete)
  • Bailén Oro Reserva Familiar of Galgón 99, SL (Villanueva de la Reina);
  • Melgarejo Gourmet Selection, Oil Campolo, SL (Pegalajar)
  • Royal Castle Canena Early, Canena Castle Group (Canena);
  • Cortijo Premium Tower, San Antonio Oil , SLU (Jaén);
  • and Fuenroble of Potosí 10, SA ( Orcera ).

Of the ten proposals, one winner will receive a prize of 18,000 euros and the Jaén, Interior Paradise trophy.  “This activity joins the flagship of gastronomy, Jaén, to culinary innovation and experimentation, which is a unique opportunity to promote it among the top professionals and experts from the cuisines of the world,” stressed Velasco.

In 2009 , the seventh edition of the contest received 118 applications for participation, of which eleven finalists were chosen . The jury, chaired by the head of Congress ‘Best of Gastronomy’ Rafael García Santos, Sergio Bastard from the Sierra de Lóquiz restaurant, de Galdeano (Navarra ) was proclaimed the winner who prepared a cod marinated in ember oil, black olive earth and stones, oil and cod crystals sweets, smoothly roasted garlic, chili and purple cabbage sprouts.




International Award for Cuisine with Olive Oil “Jaén, paraíso interior”

The aim of this competition, which is organised by the LMG [Best Cuisine] Congress and sponsored by the Diputación Provincial [Provincial Council] of Jaen and the Consejería de Agricultura y Pesca [Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries] of the Junta de Andalucía [Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia], with the collaboration of the Designations of Origin of the regions, is to encourage chefs to be creative and to promote the use of olive oil, a historical and nutritious product, in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Recipes in which Virgin Olive Oil plays an essential role.
Virtuosity and imagination, as well as conceptual, technical and aesthetic contributions, etc., will all be highly valued.

The Organisation will provide the finalists with designation of origin olive oils from Jaen, so that they can prepare their dishes.

Head Chefs.

Number of finalists:
10 cooks, each may bring an assistant.

Quantities to prepare:
10 half portions.

Preparation Time:
6 hours.

IFA, in Alicante.

8th of November, 2010.

The members will be prestigious international food critics.

18.000 euros and trophy “Jaén, paraíso interior”

The organisation will pay for the return trip from the place of residence to Alicante. A hotel will be booked and finalists will enjoy dinner at the best restaurants of Alicante. Also, they will be registered to take part in the XII Conference “The Best of Gastronomy”.

Deadline for registration:
Until the October 10, 2010. The following must be sent by e-mail: name of the chef, name of the restaurant in which he or she is head chef, recipe of the dish and a photo. The organising committee will select 10 finalists and communicate this on November 2.

International Award for Cuisine with Olive Oil “Jaén, paraíso interior”

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