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Sydney Opera House Uses Olive Oil, Too

Nov. 24, 2014
Isabel Putinja

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Olive oil is one of the eco-friendly clean­ing prod­ucts used to main­tain the Sydney Opera House, as part of its envi­ron­men­tal pol­icy which includes green clean­ing” prac­tices.

The web­site of this iconic build­ing in Australia’s biggest city shares its green clean­ing secrets by reveal­ing that it uses low cor­ro­sive non toxic clean­ing prac­tices to pre­serve the build­ing fab­ric includ­ing olive oil for bronze fit­tings, clay for clean­ing untreated wood and bak­ing soda for con­crete.”

In a BBC News video, Steve Tsoukalas, a spe­cial advi­sor at the Sydney Opera House who has been employed there since 1968, demon­strates how he uses a clean­ing mix­ture con­tain­ing olive oil to clean and pol­ish the building’s bronze rail­ings.

While Tsoukalas pol­ishes the rail­ings, he talks about the sig­nif­i­cance of olive oil in his native Greece: Olive oil for the Greeks means a lot of things,” he says. The Greeks used olive oil in the Olympic Games to rub on the body. That’s why they used to call them the bronze bod­ies”. [This was] a thou­sand years ago. Olive oil pro­tects from the sun.”

In the video inter­view, Tsoukalas also makes a touch­ing and sen­ti­men­tal trib­ute to the build­ing where he has been work­ing for over 45 years, which he calls his beau­ti­ful lady.” I reject in my mind the word retire­ment,” he says. Of course one day the time is going to come. It’s going to be very hard for me to leave this beau­ti­ful lady because I’m in love with this lady… the feel­ings, they are very strong about this build­ing, no one can remove this strong love I have in my heart for this beau­ti­ful build­ing.”

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